Computer Upgrade Services

Your PC or Mac is too slow or your hard disk too small? Do you want to upgrade your computer or make your computer faster? It is not always necessary to invest in a new PC or laptop. Typically, it is more cost effective to upgrade your computer with a fast SSD hard drive or more RAM. If the disk space requirement increases because of numerous files and new programs, a new or additional hard disk can also be installed in the computer. Upgrading from hard disk and memory makes your computer faster and allows the use of the latest software and current games.

Is it worth it to upgrade my computer or should I just buy a new one?

This question is not easy to answer. We recommend upgrading your PC or laptop if the total cost of the upgrade is not more than half of a new purchase. The easiest way to increase the speed of your computer is to upgrade to an SSD disk and increase RAM. But also an upgrade of the operating system often brings a significant speed gain when starting the computer or a program. The Ribbit Computers expert technicians can help you decide whether an upgrade of your PC or Mac is still worthwhile or whether a new acquisition would be more meaningful.

Some options for our upgrade service

  • Upgrade to SSD hard drive for faster system startup
  • Upgrade the memory for better multitasking
  • Larger or additional hard drive for more storage space
  • Upgrade the graphics card for more performance in 3D-heavy applications
  • New motherboard with a faster CPU for more computing performance
  • Additional drive
  • Quieter fans

Our measures for the performance enhancement of your laptop or PC increase the computing performance of your system.

Moving to a new computer

If your computer is too old and upgrading it is not a good idea, we will be happy to build you a new computer. You have the choice between a completely custom PC and one of our gaming PCs. Custom PCs are compiled, tested and handed over to you exactly according to your requirements. Our gaming PCs, on the other hand, are assembled to be high-end gaming computers, which are intensively tested by our technicians so that you can play your favorite games with high frame rates.