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When you realize that your computer, mobile device or server has failed, it can be a devastating experience. We understand how important your data is. Nobody wants to go through data loss. But regardless of whatever happened to your data there is a big chance that it still can be recovered. Data can vanish in an instant, and if you did not make any backups it looks like it is gone forever. Data now is stored in many devices. Mobile, tablets, laptops, desktops, usb sticks, memory card and every device can fail at one point. Only when devices fail, you do realize how important your data is.

Almost all data from all faulty devices can be recovered, whether it is important personal files or valuable business data. We can recover deleted or formatted data as well. If we do not recover any data, you will not pay anything. But in most cases we can recover 90% data from your failed device. Most important point is not to try to recover data by yourself, or give it to an inexperienced friend. They can overwrite your files and this will greatly reduce the chance for successful recovery.

Hard drive failure is the main problem with computer data loss. The problem can be – deleted files, formatted hard drive, Operating system failure of hardware failure. If any of these problems occur, our data recovery technician will tell you whether your important data can be successfully recovered, how long it will take to recover it and how much this will cost.

Contact us today or come in to one of our three Wichita locations and we promise to take great of you and your computer.

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