Computer Repair - Computer won't turn on


Scariest thing that can happen to your MAC or Windows computer is failure to turn on at all. You press the little power button and nothing happens. No beeps or clicks. Light on the monitor is on, but your computer is totally dead.

First of all, don’t panic! When people face that kind of problem, they tend to panic, worried that all important data on their PC or MAC are gone. Most probably your documents and pictures are safe, just not accessible at the moment.

This computer problem shows that one of the hardware components have failed. Don’t worry, everything can be fixed, – especially in desktop computers.

Please do some checks before calling us for help with your computer.

  • Please make sure that your PC or MAC getting power. Check your power cord and ensure that it is properly connected to your computer and to the power jack. Check that surge protectors are still working; as sometimes, power surges can damage the inside of your power adapter. Make sure that power cord doesn’t have any breaks, crimps or other damage.
  • If everything is ok with the power cable, try to connect your computer to another socket. Sometimes power jacks or extension cables can be the problem.
  • Please listen to your computer sounds. If you can hear fans running inside or beeping sound it will be easier for us to faster determine the problem and fix it.

Your computer still doesn’t turn on? Give us a call or come in to one of our three Wichita locations. Our qualified technicians will come to your home or office, save your important documents, pictures and other files and replace any damaged hardware parts.

computer won't turn on.

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