Laptop screen replacement


Our laptop screen repair service is quick. We are often able to replace a cracked or broken screen on the same or the next day.

Our laptop screen replacement service is convenient. You can come to one of our stores, or we’ll come to you. We offer onsite repair services to anyone Within 25 miles’ radius. We’ll either visit and repair your laptop screen on the spot, or we’ll pick up your machine, take it away, and deliver it back to you at a convenient time.

We can come to your home or place of business whenever you like: our engineers even work on evenings and weekends.

Our laptop screen repairs are guaranteed. All new parts fitted by our engineers come with a year’s guarantee. And because we are local, you won’t have to wait for days for us to get the parts in. If it isn’t done for you today, it will be tomorrow.

Our laptop screen replacements are performed by professional, experienced engineers, who understand that a broken laptop can be a disaster. If you’re panicking about a late project, lost data, or not having anything to entertain the kids with on a rainy day: don’t worry. We’ll have a new screen in and your laptop working perfectly just as soon as you can say ‘Spongebob Squarepants’.

So if your laptop gets dropped at work, or hit on the way to work, or one of your children throws it across the room, call our screen repair team. We’ll get you back in the game quickly and efficiently.

Laptop screen repair – What options?




Broken screens are a common problem, but they don’t have to signal the end of your laptop. Nor should you pay top dollar for a simple fix. Our laptop screen replacement service ensures quick, guaranteed fixes for all makes and models of laptop. We’re faster and cheaper than branded repair sites, and much more convenient. Don’t let a busted screen ruin your day. Call our screen replacement unit, and you won’t be without your laptop for long.

Fixed price laptop screen repairs. For nearly every machine.

In almost all cases, we can do a screen replacement or cracked screen repair for a fixed price. That means our engineers will be able to give you a quote as soon as they speak to you on the phone, or see your notebook. And because you don’t have to pay for branding, or to contracted out third-party work done by a national company, the price we quote is guaranteed to make you smile.

Laptop screen replacement you can trust.

We’re not slow. We’re not costly. We don’t hide extra costs in your final bill, or swamp you with small print. Instead, we offer a laptop screen replacement service where the pricing is transparent and the work is quick. You won’t pay for anything except the job we do. And all the new screens we fit are covered by our famous one year guarantee.

And that’s it. No fine print to pore over. No clauses and conditions to read. Just a new screen, professionally fitted, with a smile.

Same-day laptop screen repairs. So you can keep working.

Whatever you’re working on—an important report, a project that’s worth half your final mark, or just getting the children through a day indoors—we understand that a broken laptop is a problem. In most cases, our laptop screen repairs team will be able to fix your machine on the same day. We pick it up, or you can drop it off at one of our three Wichita locations. We fit the new screen, and get your laptop back to you as soon as we can.

So you can get on with doing what you were doing.

Screen replacement. And then some.

Let’s say your laptop screen gets broken halfway through a vital piece of work. How will you know if that work is still going to be there once your screen replacement is done? Simple. You call us. And we send one of our friendly, approachable engineers out to solve the problem. You’ll get a screen replacement, so you can get back to work. But you’ll also get a reassuring expert, right when you need them most. Our engineer will help you to find what you were doing when the screen broke. And if you do need data retrieval, we can do that too.

No need to cry over cracked screens.

The home laptop is more than just a piece of machinery. It’s an entertainment hub. It’s where you go to look up recipes at the end of the day. It’s the football on in the kitchen, and the late-night movie in bed. It’s the kids quiet for half an hour while you load the dishwasher.

That’s why we perform the majority of cracked screen repair calls on the same day. After all, our engineers work evenings and weekends too, so if your screen is broken or dies halfway through that unmissable online series, we can get you back to your binge-watch before bed. Or put the only thing your children will watch in front of them again. Leaving you free to finish off those dishes.

You choose when, where, and how.

Our laptop screen repair service is designed with you in mind. If your screen breaks anywhere inside the 25 miles’ radius of our stores, we’ve got options for you.

If you’re in our area, come to one of our 3 Wichita locations. Chances are, one of our expert laptop technicians can fix your laptop while you wait.

Can’t get to us? We’ll come to you. Our engineers do onsite services to both home and business locations. We’ll take your machine back to the store, finish the repairs, and return it to you whenever you like.

All kinds of laptop screen repairs.

Cat knocked your laptop off the window sill? Have you spilled water on the keyboard, and now the screen’s gone blank? Whatever’s happened to your laptop, our laptop screen repairs team has the knowledge—and the spare parts—to fix it. Often, the fix is as simple as swapping out the screen for a new one. Sometimes, we have to dig deeper to find out what’s caused the screen to blank out. But either way, we’ll get it sorted.

We have 3 Wichita Locations conveniently located.
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