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It’s ok for your computer to be loud under load. If you play games or watch very high resolution videos, it’s normal for your PC or MAC to be louder. But if this started to happen only recently – this is cause of concern. If your computer was much quieter and getting progressively louder each day – you probably need to fix that as soon as possible.

Your computer overheats and tries to cool itself down by spinning all the fans at maximum speed. There are three main fans in the desktop PC. Power supply, CPU and graphic card fan. Graphics card fan works on maximum load while you are playing games or doing other work with lots of graphics power involved. CPU fan is a very important part or of your PC. Without it your computer can overheat in few minutes. If your computer is very loud and you see blue screen of death, this is very big cause of concert, your CPU is probably overheating. Don’t turn on your computer again. As this can be your computer’s last run. Call Ribbit Computers and talk to a computer technician who can help you with this.

Power supply can be the cause of a noisy computer. When there is a problem with the power supply it can make strange and loud noises. You should check it and fix it ASAP as power surges can damage important parts of your computer.

Sometimes noises can come from more important part –the hard drive for example. This is the part where all your data is stored. If your desktop is making loud clicking noise it is possible that your hard drive is dying. In this case you must turn off your PC immediately and call a computer technician a Ribbit Computers. Otherwise you might lose all of your important documents and pictures.

If your desktop started recently to make strange noises, we recommend to fix it ASAP. Your computer is probably overheating and some hardware components are failing. This can lead to a damaged computer or even to a data loss. Contact us today or come in to one of our three Wichita locations . We will be able to check what parts are failing and fix them. Our computer technicians can take care of most important computer hardware issues and can fix your PC or MAC noise problems on site.

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