iPhone 5s Repairs

Save 27%

 All iPhones are repaired by experienced technicians and backed by Our Famous Lifetime warranty on parts and service. We use high quality parts. Quick turnaround, most iPhones are repaired within 2 hours. Walk-Ins are welcome. 

iPhone 5 S Screen Repair :$54.99

Battery Repair: $29.99
Home Button Repair: $29.99
Power Button Repair: $39.99
Volume Button Repair: $39.99
Mute Switch Repair: $39.99
Charger Port Repair: $39.99
Front Camera Repair: $29.99
Rear Camera Repair: $29.99
Earpiece Speaker Repair: $29.99
Ringer Speaker Repair: $29.99
Headphone Jack Repair: $29.99
Microphone Repair: $29.99
Siri Sound Repair: $29.99
Screen Sensor Repair: $29.99
Vibrator Repair: $29.99