• Magegee K1 Metal Gaming Keyboard Wired USB 3 Colors Backlight PC Computer Keyboard with 19 non-conflict keys

    by Razer
    Sold out

    Brand: MageGee


    • Professional gaming keyboard,with a one-piece metal panel and ergonomic suspension cap ,large palm rest design ,give you a comfortable gaming experience.Cool blacklit colors (red/blue/purple) .backlight support breathing patterns and brightness adjustment.
    • Front water-proof design ,can prevent accidental splashing of liquids during daily use (Warning: Do not immerse the keyboard in water!)Support 19KEY without conflict,Support all the lights go out after the computer is turned off,Support keyboard into dormancy when not in use with 10 minutes, press any key to wake.
    • Works with Windows98/XP/2000/ME/Vistar/Win7/Android/Linux, Mac and other systems. Multi-language support