• Rankie DisplayPort (DP) to HDMI Cable, 4K Resolution Ready, 10 Feet

    by RibbitComputers
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    • The 10 feet cable connects a DisplayPort / DisplayPort++ (DP/DP++) enabled computer to an HDTV, monitor, and projector with HDMI input for audio and video streaming. (Note: NOT bi-directional. Only converts the signal from DP to HDMI)
    • The gold-plated conductors resist corrosion and increase connectivity. The inner braided foil shielding reduces interference and improves signal quality
    • Supports resolutions up to 4K x 2K, and flawless audio pass-thru for uncompressed digital 7.1, 5.1 or 2 channels
    • The DP connector has a latch to provide a secure connection with the port. Press the latch down before unplugging the connector
    • Suitable for Extended Desktop or Mirrored Displays. Lifetime warranty from Rankie