• Razer Nabu Watch Forged Edition Black RZ18-01560100-R3U1

    by Razer
    Sold out

    Brand: Razer


    • Backlit, full-featured digital chronograph display featuring day, date and time, with alarm, stopwatch and world clock functions
    • Link your smartphone to your Nabu watch to stream notifications from your email, Facebook, Instagram, Skype and more on the dedicated secondary display. This robust, durable design features stainless steel buttons.
    • Built in accelerometer and highly accurate algorithms log your daily steps, distance traveled, calories burnt, hours slept and more so you are always on top of your health and fitness game.
    • Replaceable battery for primary display lasts 12 months, rechargeable battery for secondary smart-display last up to 7 days.

    Publisher: Razer

    Details: This watch offers an industrial-chic design that sets it apart from the other fitness tracking watches of today. The Forged Edition features machined stainless steel buttons and a more robust and durable, yet elegant finish. The illuminated and backlit smart display gives you a clear reading of day, date and time as well as an icon to show when the watch has been quickly paired to your Bluetooth device. Charge the smart console with a magnetic USB port which uses a proprietary micro usb charger. Get discreet notifications from your favorite smartphone apps by simply raising your arm to activate the secondary screen, which streams your notifications from your smartphone - calls, texts, emails, app alerts, and more - right to your wrist! Just download the Nebu app for your phone, available for Android and iOs, which lets you pick which services you get notifications for on your watch. The watch also measures steps taken, calories burned, how active you are and how well you have slept using the built in accelerometer. It also can be adjusted to hyper-accurate to the global standard with local and world clock options available With a simple handshake with a fellow Nabu wearer, you can exchange Facebook and Twitter contact details. The Nabu watch from Razer gives you all the control you can ask for from a Smart watch with a single touch, allowing you to truly, Live Smarter.