Rii RK900 Large Size 7 Colors Rainbow LED Backlit Mechanical Feeling USB Wired Multimedia Gaming Keyboard

by Razer
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Brand: Rii


  • 7 Colors backlighting on keyboard,please note that the backlit can not support the Mac os system. Ergonomic, ultra-low profile keyboard .
  • Professional Mechanical feeling backlit gaming keyboard for gaming and office ,not the real mechanical keyboard,,but it worth more.
  • Support Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP.PC Laptop Pad Google Android TV Box HTPC IPTV Smart TV Mac IOS ,Chrome OS,Raspberry Pi all version.
  • Laser-etched and grip coated keycaps .Dedicated multimedia keys for controlling volume and music.
  • Automatically enter sleeping mode 10 minutes without operation and backlights off, any key press will awaken and backlights on.

Hardware Platform: pc

Publisher: Riitek

Product description:
Brand : Rii
Model: RK900
Color: Black
Size:18 x 12 x 3 inches
RK900 is a bundle that includes a 104 keys PC gaming keyboard.
Wireless Type: 2.4GHz Radio Frequency
Number of USB 3.0 Ports : 1
Lite version interface design, can perfect match your workspace.

Multimedia key description:
FN+F1=music FN+F7=Play
FN+F2=Volume- FN+F8=Next
FN+F3=Volume+ FN+F9=Mailbox
FN+F4=Mute FN+F10=Internet explorer
FN+F5=Stop FN+F11=Lock
FN+F6=Previous FN+F12=Keyboard

LED Backlit:
Press backlight key to change the single color lighting.
Press FN+backlight key to turn on/off the 7-color lighting breathing.
FN+PGDN:reduce backlit's brightness
FN+PGUP:increase backlit's brightness

What's in the box?
1 x Mechanical feeling Gaming Keyboard
1 x User manual

Friendly Tips
* If you have any problem during the use ,hope you could send message
to Expressbuying service team firstly and we will try to help you in time
* It will be highly apprecated ,if you could contact us before you
left a negative feedback
* We provide return money without any reason in 30 days
* Warranty :12 months

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